Music classes for babies & toddlers                  The language of music!





"A child never has a higher potential to learn music than at the moment of birth." 

Dr. Edwin E. Gordon



My name is Elvire de Paiva e Pona, singer and music teacher, I offer music classes for babies and toddlers accompanied by their parents. With this workshop I want to help you stimulate and make you and your child aware of the beauty and diversity of music. We will do that by listening, singing, dancing and playing music together as a group. 


My wish is for you and your baby to discover what is the language of music, which is so much richer than what we can most of the time hear in the radio. Through these musical activities, your child will be able to develop his musical ear at a moment when the brain makes more connections, more synapses, than at any other time in his life.


The program of this workshop has its focus on the language of music but we also explore the connection of music with the language(s) we speak and hear around us. Bilingual in French and Portuguese, I speak English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish and can offer activities in these languages, according to your needs and wishes.


The dances, musical games, sensory activities and rhymes with gestures which decline the sessions are chosen in order to stimulate the child to live music freely. Music is my passion and throughout the year I will seek to make you discover musical pieces and instruments from all around the world. 


Throughout the course you will have access to a playlist of the songs we listened and worked with, as well as the lyrics and scores of the songs learned.





“Music is unique to humans. Like the other arts, music is as basic as language to human development and existence. Through music a child gains insights into herself, into others, and into life itself. Perhaps most important, she is better able to develop and sustain her imagination. Without music, life would be bleak. Because a day does not pass without a child’s hearing or participating in some music, it is to a child’s advantage to understand music as thoroughly as she can. As a result, as she becomes older she will learn to appreciate, to listen to, and to partake in music that she herself believes to be good. Because of such cultural awareness, her life will have more meaning for her.” (From Edwin E. Gordon “A Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children”).



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